India's very first premium rum

Wild Tiger India Spiced Rum

The first premium rum brand from India - Wild Tiger is all set to launch a second variant 'Wild Tiger India Spiced Rum', which is India’s very first Premium Spiced Rum given its exotic blend of Indian Spices and exquisite packaging.



Ever since 2008 when we went to a fair and realized the beauty of rum, our business has developed rapidly, and today we are one of the largest importers of premium liquor in Denmark.

We are united by our passion for rum. The diversity of rum is magnificent, and we explore all the time. Our business is built on the principles that quality, price, service and hard work walk hand in hand.

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  • Fair Transport Rum by Tres Hombres

    Welcome on board with Tres Hombres. Ships sailing under Fairtransport flag are transporting exotic products which are organic or crafted traditionally. Tres Hombres transports products such as olive oil, coffee, wine and of course rum. Since 2010, Tres Hombres has released an annual selection of delicate rum, and this is their newest collection from 2016.

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  • S.B.S collection by 1423

    For S.B.S brand, 1423 has chosen the finest spirits. As the name indicates, there is only one barrel per product. Every barrel has been handpicked, and every release is limited to the content of the one barrel selected, so you will only find a limited number of each bottle.

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  • Double Dutch by Double Dutch

    Double Dutch Tonic and Mixers are the natural companion for your spirit. The philosophy behind Double Dutch is food pairing, which is an increasingly utilised science that explores which foods have similar flavour balances to reward the palate.

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Now you have the opportunity to get your very own cask! We invite you to join the select group of cask owners at 1423 and commit to sharing the spirit of rum with us. We have many years of experience with aging rum in casks, and you will be invited to visit your own cask at the warehouse in Odense, Denmark, once a year. How long will you hold up?

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