Panamanian rum

Panama Red

Panama red is a blend of the finest Panamanian rum aged in once-used Bourbon Barrels, made of American White oak. The “Panama Red Legend is reflected in the tall barroom style bottle that bears the striking image of the fiery read head, Carolina. This is truly a rum with a great history.

Country of origin republic of panama

chocolate and vanilla

On the nose Panama Red is chocolate, baileys and vanilla. Despite this is a Overproof rum at 54%, Panama Red has a distinct taste of chocolate that makes it stand out from all other rum. By the first sip feel the alcohol and let it hit you. Then observe it being taken over by burned sugar, dark chocolate and a mild taste of tobacco. It has a very interesting and long finish.

Panama Red is perfect for sipping neat, but you can also mix it in a drink.

Try “Panama Red Sky”: 1-2 dl Panama Red Rum, ¼ cup fresh squeezed orange, ¾ cup Guava soda. For more recipes check Panama Red website.

Still blend
Alcohol 54%
Volume 0.7L
Age 3 years blend
Produced by Panamonte Brands
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About the producer

Panamonte Brands

Panamonte Brands is the owner of the award winning overproof rum Panama Red, which is handcrafted by Master Blender, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. It is produced from the sugar cane that grew in Las Cabras de Pese, the same region where the Distillery is located. Although the rum is stated as overproof, the rum feels much smoother in the mouth than a typical overproof rum. It has as its base a 3-year molasses based rum which is aged in used Bourbon casks at the distillery warehouse in Pese. To ensure the highest quality rum, the creators of Panama Red blend aged rums in bourbon oak casck for ultimate character and flavor.

The beautiful Carolina from Panama
Panama Red Rum is named after the beautiful Carolina from Panama. Carolina was a strikingly beautiful girl, born to the most interesting couple in Panama. Her father, Juan Cansino, originally from Spain, was one of the finest Latin musicians and dancers in the Americas. Her mother, Rosa, was also a gifted dancer, known for her Tango and Flamenco.

At a Casino, Juan and Rosa met some friends called Tom and Elsie Ogelsby from Alabama. Elsie, having no children of her own, took the opportunity to bring Carolina books, written in the languages of English, French, German and Spanish. By the time Carolina was a teenager she could converse in all four languages.

In the years that followed it became clear to all that Carolina had inherited her mother’s beautiful features, but also her many musical talents. Carolina would often perform at the Ogelsbys’ parties in the company of cultured adults. The beautiful Carolina grew up quickly, proving herself to be worldly and wise beyond her years. Blossoming into womanhood, Carolina was seen on the arm of many of Panama’s most eligible bachelors.

It came as no surprise when Carolina began to see a well-known and extremely handsome gentleman who worked in the import business, Juan Carlos Esquivel. He was an entrepreneur with a mysterious background. Like Carolina he spoke many languages and was considered a great visionary thinker. Juan Carlos was the “pride of Panama”. Sadly, it is said that he disappeared without a trace, leaving Carolina heartbroken. Germany had just invaded Poland about the time Carolina was approached by a lawyer. It was then that Carolina learned that Juan Carlos had died from illness, and that he had not forgotten he. Upon his death, he left her several properties, including a magnificent old bar in the Casco Viejo. With the help of her parents, Carolina quickly remodeled the building into an intimate nightspot with a stage where she could perform. She named the place Cantina Roja’s. Juan Carlos had called her Rojas, a pet name, referencing her beautiful auburn hair.

Word spread quickly and soon American sailors and soldiers from the Canal Zone began to frequent the bar that came to be called “Red’s Place”, and Carolina was adoringly referred to as “Panama Red”, a title she graciously accepted for the rest of her life. “Red’s Place” became famous. Most came to gaze at the beauty and to hear her preform, but the rum was an attraction too. Red’s rum was magnificent. Smooth enough to sip by itself, its taste was unique. Panama Red expertly mixed her rum with Panamanian oranges a local favorite known as a “Panama Red Sky”. By now Red’s Place has become the number one nightspot in Panama to see and be seen.

About the producer

Panamonte Brands

Panamonte Brands is the owner of the award winning overproof rum Panama Red, which is handcrafted by Master Blender, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez.