Friends call him Siggi

Siegfried Dry Gin

With numerous GOLD and DOUBLE-GOLD awards in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia, Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin is one of the best gins worldwide. Enjoy Siegfried straight or as a gin & tonic with a premium tonic water of your choice. Forget the garnish – let´s keep it simple and focused.

Country of origin Germany

German Premium Micro-Batch Gin

Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin is a regionally produced classic dry gin from Germany´s beautiful “Rheinromantik” region. Its subtle yet complex taste is achieved from a weighted composition of 18 fine botanicals, which underline its straightforward character.
Linden plays a major role for both, Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin and the ancient German Nibelung Saga. While Siegfried, the famous dragon-slaying hero, tried to become immortal by bathing in the evil dragon`s blood, a linden fell on his back and changed his life. For Siegfried Gin, linden is the game-changing ingredient in its recipe.
Linden blossoms are Siegfried`s lead botanical and thereby emphasize the symbiotic relationship between the company`s brand and the gin´s distillation.

Nose: Gentle citrus notes of bitter orange are accompanied by hints of thyme, cardamom and juniper – thus developing a harmonious complexity.

Taste: The freshness of lavender meets spicy-earthy notes of ginger, angelica root and pepper. Juniper is very present and accompanied by the aroma of linden blossoms, which create a warm finish.

Still POT
Alcohol 41%
Volume 0,5L
Age unaged
Produced by Rheinland Distillers
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About the producer

Rheinland Distillers

About the producer

Rheinland Distillers