Tres Hombres

Captains Choice Ed. 27

This Captains Choice rum is from The Dominican Republic and matured 23 years in oak casks, finished in Madeira casks.

Country of origin DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Captains Choice with Madeira Finish

#27  R.D. XXIII Infinito 2018: Is this marvelous liquid finished? Distilled from Caribbean molasses, aged under the hot Dominican sun at the hilly shores near Rio Haina, this premium rum spent 23 years in different oak casks, to achieve a nearly unbeatable rich taste. From P. R. Oliver himself we obtained some of this rare spirit and added the touch og the old times to it, when sailing ships transported the bold wines from the island of Madeira. Those casks were beholding this Choice of our Captain for 3 months over the Atlantic ocean. Shortly after unloading them in Amsterdam, this rum is ready to be tasted by the connoisseur and the journeyman, the old salt and the young barista…but finished? It is brought to the state of the art, but finishing it? You may do that, cheers mate!



Still -
Alcohol 64,9%
Volume 1 L
Age 23 years solera rum
Produced by OLIVER & OLIVER FOR Tres Hombres
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