Limited Edition

Cihuatán Nahual

Licorera Cihuatán distill the most enchanting secrets and legends of the Mayan cosmovision to create a once-in-a-lifetime Limited Edition range of rums. Enjoy a taste of their most private reserves, Cihuatán Nahual Limited Edition, handpicked as a charming homage to their Mayan heritage. A blend of rums, between 11 and 14 years old aged in American oak ex. Bourbon barrels. Only 6,892 precious bottles of this rum will be released globally. Each bottle is hand numbered and signed.

Country of origin El Salvador

Legacy blend

The ancient people of Cihuatán believed in the Nahual; a personal guardian spirit embodied by a unique fusion of sacred animals. The Nahual is the inspiration behind their first rum blend, crafted with care to showcase their Mayan heritage. Is there a Nahual in you?

Tasting Notes: Artisanal dulce de leche, Panela – Coconut Sweets, Bourbon coffee cherries,
Meringue, Toasted Oak, Cashew Nuts.

Still Column
Alcohol 47,5
Volume 0,7l
Age 11-14 years
Produced by Licorera Cihuatán
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About the producer


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