Enghaven Rum Distillery

Enghaven White Rum

Pure small batch pot still rum from Northern Denmark. This handcrafted rum is the first expression from the microdistillery ‘Enghaven Rum Distillery’. A beautiful premium white rum with a strong pot still character.

Country of origin Denmark

Small Batch Production

Enghaven Rum Distillery is a new small batch distillery in the Northern part of Denmark. Focusing on the production of rum, the distillery is only using a pot still for the destillation of its products. Another essential element is the experimentation with different barrels of various sizes.

Nose: Upfront punchy notes of pure pot still rum with typical deepness and power. In the nose, you will find luscious dark cherries. The sweetness is rounded off by complex notes of fresh citrus fruits, spicy red pepper, nutmeg, and coriander seeds.

Palate: On the palate, the rum is less fruity. It is a very enjoyable rum with a thick, oily texture and spicy flavors like pepper and anise. The finish is medium dry and of medium length. Can be enjoyed pure or in a drink.


Still POT
Alcohol 45%
Volume 0.7L
Age unaged
Produced by Enghaven Rum Distillery
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About the producer

Enghaven Rum Distillery

About the producer

Enghaven Rum Distillery

Enghaven Rum Distillery is a small batch rum distillery from Denmark. The distillery has changed the production to 100% pot still, creating a unique and distinct flavor profile. Experimentation is one of the pilar stones of Enghaven Rum Distillery, which is why we are using many different kinds of barrels in various sizes to mature the rum in. By aging the rum here with us in Denmark we are making sure to create a truly Scandinavian product - maturing at slow pace in beautiful maritime, and chilly environment.