Rhum Vieus du Salvador

La Maison du Rhum El Salvador 2011

La Maison du Rhum El Salvador 2011 is an 8 year old rum, matured in ex-Fino casks. This edition is limited to 2743 bottles worldwide.

Country of origin El Salvador

ex-Bourbon barrel & ex-Fino barrel finish

The small country of Salvador, located between Honduras and Guatemala, enjoys a tropical climate and a volcanic soil conductive to sugar cane farming. Maja rums are made from molasses and distilled in a 4 column still. After distillation, the ABV of the rum is between 78% and 98%, which is then aged in American white oak barrels and reduced between 55% and 75% befre bottling. The blends are mastered by Don Pancho Fernandez, a Cuban maestro ronero, renowned for his experience and expertise. This bottling was selected for the collection of La Maison du Rhum, which reunites exceptional products from the most reputable distilleries in their respective countries.

Tasting Notes:

Open on the nose on smoke and burnt wood notes. A greedy palate with exotic fruit jam, orange marmelade and vanilla. A long and delicate finish.

Still column
Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,7l
Age 8 years
Produced by Maya
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