La Maison du Rhum Guatemala 2011 Batch 3

La Maison du Rhum Guatemala 2011 is a limited release of Dugas’ batch 3 release from 2020. The rum is from the Botran Distillery, which is producing sugar cane spirits since 1939. The distillery is making rum from sugar cane honey and uses a column still for distillation. This rum is a 9 year-old expression that matured in ex-Oloroso barrels.

Country of origin Guatemala

Bourbon & Oloroso Casks

La Maison du Rhum

A signature brand of Dugas, la Maison du Rhum brings together rums with authentic history, distinctive aromatic profiles and a true sense of origin. In addition, each cask has been carefully selected from each distillery by Mr Dugas and his rum masters. These exclusive rum casks were aged and blended in their home country, from all over the world, and bottled exclusively by Dugas in France.

Botran Distillery:

The Botran Family, which has been making sugarcane spirit since 1939, is the source of the world-renowned Guatemalan rums. Produced from virgin sugar cane honey and distilled in column stills, Botran rums age 2300 meters in altitude at the center of the country. They are aged in four different types of casks according to a precise process inspired by the solera method, offering remarkable complexity to the rums.

Tasting Notes:

Open on the nose with woody notes. A smooth and delicate attack on the palate offering vanilla, honey and sweet spices aromas in the mid-palate. A short and clean finish.

Still column
Alcohol 42%
Volume 0,7l
Age 9 years
Produced by Botran
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About the producer


About the producer