Rhum Vieux De La Réunion

La Maison du Rhum La Réunion 2010

La Reunion produces outstanding traditional rum and Agricole style rums. La Maison du Rhum – La Reunion is distilled from a combination of molasses rums from a single distillation, producing aromatic rums, and from a triple distillation, bringing some lighter style rum. Both styles are carefully blended and aged in French oak barrels.

Country of origin La Réunion

French Oak & Cognac Barrel Finish

Founded in 1886, Rivière du Mât is one of the rare distilleries in the world to produce traditional rum as well as Agricole style rums. The distillery is equipped with two column stills: one that undergoes single distillation and produces aromatic rums and the other undergoing triple distillation to produce a lighter style rum. The rum is then aged in a majority of French oak barrels and overseen by the master distiller Jean Grondin, and assisted by Christian Vergier, one of the leading experts in spirits aging. This bottling was selected for the collection of La Maison du Rhum, which reunites exceptional products from the most reputable distilleries in the their respective countries

Tasting Notes:

Open on the nose with fruits compote, litchi and a pinch of spices. The mouth has fatness and exotic cooked fruits and smooth spices aromas and revealing, in mid-palate, cinnamon, nutmeg and sandalwood aromas. Long and delivate bitterness on the finish.

Still column
Alcohol 45%
Volume 0,7l
Age 9 years
Produced by Rivière du Mât
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About the producer

La Maison du Rhum

The collection of La Maison du Rhum, which brings together some of the most renowned distilleries in their countries, consists of exceptional bottlings reserved for French amateurs from all over the world. Through the many origins, whether it is a rum, a rhum or a ron made from pure cane juice, molasses or cane honey, there are different traditions of know-how. The varied characteristics of rum are also expressed through the techniques and personalities of the master istillers and cellar masters. La Maison du Rhum brings together alcohols of great finesse and rarity with a strict choice of vintages, ages, types of stills and aging. So many parameters that will make the diversity of the rum world which the Maison du Rhum values.
The objective of this selection is to highlight each origin, each style to make us travel as close as possible to rum-producing countries and even to prestigious distilleries whose reputation is well established. The journeys make up the palace - Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Reunion - embark on a real cruise of taste discoveries. To present its collection, the Maison has chosen to call on a rum enthusiast and collector of old labels as a source of inspiration for the packaging of its bottles.

About the brand

La Maison du Rhum

A signature brand of Dugas, la Maison du Rhum brings together rums with authentic history, distinctive aromatic profiles and a true sense of origin. In addition, each cask has been carefully selected from each distillery by Mr Dugas and his rum masters. These exclusive rum casks were aged and blended in their home country, from all over the world, and bottled exclusively by Dugas in France.
One will find an extraordinary diversity of flavours and styles, from each and everyone of the casks, due to the different sugar basis molasses, sugarcane honey or pure “ sugarcane juice, offering different styles of rum French, English & Spanish. The unique labels in the series were inspired by vintage rum labels that we found in the collection of a rum aficionado.