La Maison du Rhum Trinidad Batch 4

La Maison du Rhum Trinidad Batch 4 is a traditional column still rum with a punch. The 55% ABV turn the rum into a powerful candidate with an exotic mix of pineapple, vanilla and spices.

Country of origin Trinidad

La Maison du Rhum is composed of extremely rare spirits, selected to meet the highest requirements in terms of quality: distillery selection, still type and ageing methods. Every bottle denotes a specific vintage or age and aims to respect the same values that make up the various parameters of the world of rum. La Maison du Rhum’s ambition is to value every origin and style, each tradition and know-how.

From the small Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago, one of the original birthplaces of rum, the culture of sugarcane dates back to the 18th century. Originally colonized by the Spanish and then the English, today the nation remains true to its British heritage by producing traditional rums distilled from column stills. The superb sugarcane “eau-de-vie” has made Trinidad & Tobago one of the most reputable distillers of fine rum. La Maison du Rhum Trinidad Batch 4 is limited to 2.009 bottles.

Tasting notes

Nose: intense, fruity, pineapple, vanilla, spices, liquorice
Palate: powerful, exotic fruits, vanilla, spices
Finish: woody, roasted pineapple

Still column
Alcohol 55%
Volume 0,7l
Age 12 years
Produced by Dugas
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About the producer