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MIM Kwame

MIM BRANDY KWAME is a soft and mild brandy, with notes of vanilla, oak and a mild taste of cashew apples. The blend consists of 16 carefully selected barrels, each with its own unique characteristics, which perfectly play together to create a full-bodied and balanced taste.

Country of origin Ghana

handmade african quality

MIM BRANDY KWAME is named after our indispensable and caring Kwame, whom faithfully and reliably fits his spectrum of tasks at both the cashew-processing factory and at the distillery in Ghana. Kwame is a kind and peaceful soul. Everyone feels comfortable around Kwame.
In the local language, Twi, each person has an additional local name that refers to the weekday he/she was born. Kwame refers to Saturday and is a name he is proud of.

Nose: This brandy is a little shy in the beginning but reveals a heavy sweetness with notes of fresh apples and vanilla after a few minutes. The sweetness is paired with some delicate freshness but is definitely less acidic than its acquaintance Nana. It does, however, show a similar spicy note in the end.
Palate: Mild with a pleasant flavor of sweet apples. This brandy is very balanced in taste and is an easy sipper.

Still pot
Alcohol 44%
Volume 0,5L
Age 6-7 years
Produced by MIM
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About the producer


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