Ron Dominicana

Ron Esclavo Mini Box

This Ron Esclavo Mini Box contains the three Ron Esclavo: Esclavo 12, Esclavo 15 and Esclavo XO. Each bottle comes in a 5 cl. bottle. This is the perfect opportunity to taste and compare the three popular Solera rum, Ron Esclavo, from the Dominican Republic.

Country of origin DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

sweet, smooth and pleasant

Ron Esclavo is a range of Solera rum from the Dominican Republic blended by Oliver y Oliver for 1423. These three rum are sweet, smooth and very pleasant. The taste, nose and alcohol strenght varies, but all four Esclavo features delicate notes of vanilla, caramel and oak.

Still Blend
Alcohol 40% (ave.)
Volume 0.15L
Age 12-23 years solera rum
Produced by OLIVER & OLIVER FOR 1423
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