Oliver & Oliver

Ron Máximo XO

Finally the awarded Ron Màximo XO from Oliver & Oliver has come to Denmark. Solidly crafted this rum is very balanced in the nose and elegant in taste.

Country of origin DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

The prestigious house of Oliver & Oliver

The Oliver Company was founded in Cuba in the 19th century by an enterprising, dedicated and dreamy young man: Juanillo Oliver, who arrived on the island in 1868.

In Oliver’s village, located in central Cuba, between Villa de Falcon and the village of Las Placetas, was the original estate and business estate of the family.
Don Juanillo harvested sugar cane there, built mills and stills; developing with great success in the elaboration of the most exquisite spirits, malts and artisan spirits. For the quality and diversity of his rums he gained followers, prestige and fortune, giving name to both the Oliver family and the village that nowadays bears this name.

After the revolutionary triumph in 1963, many members of the Oliver family left Cuba, scattered throughout the world.

It was not until 1993 that a descendant of Don Juanillo, Pedro Ramón Oliver López traveled to his country of origin. There he reviewed hundreds of documents and found the original formulas and processes used by his great-grandfather.

Encouraged by this reunion, Pedro Ramón Oliver López promised to revive the family rum, selecting the Dominican Republic as the ideal place for the new house Oliver.

Today this new house produces Great Artisan Rings, surpassing 2,000,000 liters of maturing rums. And positioning its products all over the globe, establishing its brand and quality. The acceptance of the rum-loving public is seen both in demand and in the more than 12 awards and recognitions in competitive tastings.

Nose: Oak and dry roasted fruits, coffee, sweet spices, tobacco and cacao. Very well balanced.

Palate:  Wide, tasty, spiced, smoked and long; very elegant and with a grand structure.


Still Column
Alcohol 41
Volume 0,7L
Age 15 years solera rum
Produced by OLIVER & OLIVER
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About the producer

Oliver & Oliver

About the producer

Oliver & Oliver