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S.B.S Belize

This rum from Belize is number one in the range of the products in the S.B.S brand by 1423. Belize is placed between Guatamala and Mexico with approximately 350.000 citizens. There aren’t many rums from Belize, and you will probably wonder why, when you taste this delicate rum..

Country of origin Belize

Aromatic and tempting

Travellers Liquors: This Belize rum comes from a single cask, which yielded 272 bottles. S.B.S Belize is distilled at Travellers Liquors Ltd Distillery in 2005 and bottled in Denmark in 2015. It is 9 years’ rum, which is not blended.

The story of Travellers started in 1953 when Jaime Omario Perdomo Sr. opened a bar in Belize city called Travellers. At that time, it was standard that bars made their own rum. Omario followed the tradition and made his own rum by combining different flavours and extracts. He called his rum Travellers. People liked the rum and to make the best quality, Omario signed an agreement to build a distillery with Luis Alberto Espat. Thereby, Travellers could produce and refine their rum. In 1989, the partnership ended, but the distillery continued with Omarios family as the owners.

Tasting notes: On the palate S.B.S Belize is very aromatic with a tempting fragrance. This is a complex taste in a more classic style and it doesn’t have a sweet taste of sugar, simply because no sugar is added. S.B.S Belize is the lighter version in the S.B.S brand. The colour is light amber.

Still Column
Alcohol 46%
Volume 0.7L
Age 9 years
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