Sugar Cane Juice

S.B.S Brazil 2013/2017

S.B.S Brazil 2013/2017 is a blend of traditional Brazilian Cachaca rum that has been married in an ex-Oloroso barrel. As expected this rum carries aromatic flavors of fresh sugar cane juice, enhanced by a pot still distillation.

Country of origin Brazil

Brazilian Cachaca

S.B.S Brazil 2013/2017 is a single cask rum with an outcome of 282 bottles only. The rum is from the Brazilian Pardin distillery and is based on fresh cane juice. S.B.S Brazil 2013/2017 is a special blend of traditional Cachaca rums which have been married in one barrel. The rum has been distilled in a pot still in 2013/2017 and was bottled in our warehouse in Denmark in August 2020. The rum has received an Oloroso finish and was bottled at an ABV of 45% vol. As common practise for Single Barrel Selection rums, no chill filtration has been used.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fragrant with aromas of warm waffles with maple syrup. Fresh notes of sugar cane combined with ripe red stone fruits.
Taste: Velvetty sweetness in the beginning turning into a tangy mouthfeel. Pleasant notes of sweet Oloroso sherry.

Still POT
Alcohol 45%
Volume 0,7l
Age 3-7 years
Produced by 1423
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