India's first premium rum

Wild Tiger Rum

Wild Tiger Rum is aged, blended and bottled in Kerala, India on the banks of the pristine Bharathappuzha river. Wild Tiger Rum has been created to serve the discerning consumer a sensory experience like no other. It is distinctively and proudly Indian. Do you want to know more about Wild Tiger Rum? Click here

Country of origin india

Relish Responsibly

Save the Tiger – drink rum
Wild Tiger Rum is conceptualized and owned by Indian drinks entrepreneur Mr. Gautom Menon. Made in Kerala, South India, the brand is not only unique in terms of each of its handcrafted bottles bearing unique tiger stripes, but also the idea and the cause that it supports make it even more special. The first Wild Tiger Rum was launched at UK Rumfest in 2015.
As a part of its core CSR policy – the Wild Tiger brand donates 10% profits towards Tiger Conservation in Southern India where they have set up their own non-profit initiative called WTF (Wild Tiger Foundation). WTF works with other established wildlife establishments and prominent Tiger experts to save the tiger and its habitat in Southern India. Besides that, each bottle is unique and a work of handcrafted packaging by empowered village women as Wild Tiger believes in fostering women’s development and equal opportunities.

Flavour profile: Wild Tiger Rum
This is India’s very first Super Premium Rum given its exotic blend. It is predominately a column distilled molasses spirit, which is aged in charred American Oakwood Casks and harmoniously blended with a small percentage of pure cane spirit making it a unique aromatic and dark amber coloured Rum. The taste profile contains hints of vanilla, toasted wood and caramel on the nose. You feel smoothness with prominent undertones of molasses, almond and slight oak notes on the palate. It is medium bodied with a complexity of aromas and flavours with a lingering aftertaste. On the nose, it is sweet like Bailey and candy. Right from the sourcing of the finest ingredients involved in rum production, to ensuring the quality of the final product, every aspect has been devotedly carried out to perfection so that you can Relish Responsibly.

Still Column & pot still
Alcohol 40%
Volume 0.7L
Age 2-4 years
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