Passion for Rum

what we are made of

Rum is what gathered us. We are rum enthusiast, rum drinkers, rum lovers and most important of all, we are rum nerds. Our passion for rum is so deep that even the ocean would be jealous. From our very first meeting with rum we fell in love. We started reading everything we could find about it and attended to fairs and masterclasses.

Rum has a world-wide history, not least a dark history involving slave trade. But with that said rum is an exceptional beverage and when we close our eyes and drink it, it takes us far away from cold Denmark to a white sandy beach in the Caribbean with a cloudless heaven and the sound of waves in the background.

so many opportunities

The depth, the flavour, the fragrance, the colour of the rum – everything inspires us. We absorb it all and we use it, both when we are making our own rum and when we are trading rum.

Compared to whisky, there aren’t the same guidelines and rules about rum. It gives fantastic opportunities and you can experience a broad spectrum of taste sensations. There are countless of ways to make rum and what fascinates us is, that there is a rum for all. You can choose between style, still type, age, casks and a multitude of countries.

We drink our rum neat, on the rocks or in a drink. It is all about finding the perfect rum for you. Of course, each of us have our favorite rum, but we will not tell you which one…