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Cihuatán 12 YO

The Cihuatán Valley’s closely guarded secrets and legends are the inspiration behind Cihuatán Rum. They are proud to be sharing this sacred land’s secrets with the world. With the Cihuatán 12 YO rum the inspiration was to achieve the perfect balance between the rich flavors of Salvadoran sugarcane and the elegance of the oak from each barrel. Cihuatán 12 YO is a sugarcane molasses-based rum aged in American oak ex. Bourbon barrels.

Country of origin El Salvador


In Nahuat “Cihuatán” means “the land beside the sleeping woman”. Legend has it that a Goddess came to Cihuatán many centuries ago and bestowed this land with riches and fertility. Under her grace, Cihuatán has blossomed into fertile sugarcane fields and the purest of water. Today, these are the key ingredients for the handcrafting of their rum.

Tasting Notes: Succulent toasted oak, toasted nuts, caramelized orange peel, brown sugar, eucalyptus apple, vanilla, créme brulée.

International Awards:
Gold Award – Rum XP 2017
Gold Award – New York Int. Spirit Competition 2017
Double Gold – Madrid International Rum Conference 2016
Gold Award – The Best Fifty 2017 – Best Aged Rum

Still Column
Alcohol 40
Volume 0,7l
Age 12 years
Produced by Licorera Cihuatán
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About the producer


About the producer


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