Original Old Rum Cream

Darboussier Crème de Rhum Vieux

Crème de Rhum Vieux is a delicious rum cream liquor from the French Caribbean. A true specialty made from aged rums of the house Darboussier.

Country of origin Guadeloupe


Here is a product that once again demonstrates all the craftmanship and experience of the house Darboussier, and contributes to the international reputation of this brand.The original Cream of Old Darboussier rum comes from the sugar factory located in Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. This is where the greatest marks of the brand are made. This creamy old rum liqueur unveils a gourmet chocolate aftertaste, which will seduce even the most delicate palates.
Crafted from the famous Darboussier hors d’âges then married to a refined cream, this drink is consumed neat, accompanied by ‘whiskey stones’ ice cubes – that is to say ice cubes without water. A true delight, which soon you will not be able to do without! Taste this rum cream and you will be taken away by it’s savory complexity combining sweetness and lightness.

Nose: A little funky with a sour touch and delicate hints of orange zest.
Palate: Pleasantly sweet carrying complex flavors of the aged rum in a creamy texture. Very mild and refreshing.

*contains allergenic milk

Still Kolonne
Alcohol 18%
Volume 0.7L
Age N/A
Produced by Darboussier
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