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Don Omario

Don Omario’s Vintage Rum is produced at the Travellers Distillery in western Belize, where they use local molasses and water from the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Distilled in double columns, aged in Belize City, where tropical ageing is fast and perfected with secret recipes gathered and mastered over many years. This vintage edition was hand-crafted and first aged by the Master Blender himself, Travellers founder Don Omario Perdomo. First released to honor his legacy on the 10th anniversary of his passing. A true treasure of a rum with a superb blend.

Country of origin Belize


During the 1950’s in Belize, sugar was king and everyone with a plantation was rolling in money and making his own rum – or so it seemed.​ In 1953, Jaime Omario Perdomo Sr., a man from very humble beginnings, began a venture by opening a bar in Belize City which he called TRAVELLERS. Travellers initially sold imported liquors and beers as well as locally made rums. In those days it was the practice of local bars to make their own rum blends for exclusive sale and Don Omario did not hesitate to follow that tradition. He started to create unique blends for his bar by combining various flavors and essences. As Travellers’ rums grew in popularity, Don Omario searched for a way to provide consistency to his blends.
Growing competition in the rum manufacturing business made it more difficult to obtain spirits of consistently good quality. Eventually he entered into a partnership agreement with Luis Alberto Espat who agreed to build the distillery in Belmopan.
In 1983 Don Omario decided to register Travellers as a limited company naming his children as shareholders. The distillery has been upgraded to enhance the quality of the spirits manufactured. The use of innovative techniques and new technologies assures the production of the finest rum available today. The aging and bottling plant infrastructure has also been upgraded to meet strict export standards. Travellers now exports to Europe, Canada and the United States. With creativity and foresight, Don Omario singled-handedly built the award winning Travellers Liquors LTD. into a true legacy for his own children and for Belize.

Tasting Notes

This rum has flavors of an earthy background, coffee, chocolate, fleshy non-acidic fruits – prunes, dried apricots, even dates. The smell advanced past this to mild white pepper notes, caramel and burnt sugar, and comes together really well.

Still column
Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,7l
Age 10-14 years
Produced by Travellers
Product type Aged rum
Chill-filtered /
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Don Omario

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Don Omario