Small Batch Cask Finish

English Harbour Port Cask

English Harbour’s founders are of Portuguese descent so naturally they wanted to revisit their roots. The casks used for finishing this extension, are extremely old, with some being older than 100yrs. Therefore, the finishing process is a tad lengthier than some of their other Finishes. The casks were sourced from the Royal Oporto Company and were used to age their Vintage Tawny Port.

Country of origin Antigua

Cask Finish Series

The line extensions of English Harbour 5 YO Rum were crafted and released to celebrate the company’s 85th anniversary in 2017. Three cask types were carefullly chosen based on their historic connection with eithre the company or the island of Antigua. Before Antigua was a British colony it was owned by Spain. Early traces of rum leaving rh Caribbean, reveals that rum was being shipped back to Spain in sherry casks that were brought over by the Spaniards on their journey across the Atlantic. Each finish starts with English Harbour 5 YO rum as the base. After being aged for 5 years, in traditional Bourbon barrels, the rum is disgorged and finished in authentic Port, Sherry or Madeira casks. When finishing period is complete, 5% 10 year old rum is added to the final blend. Then the product is bottled at 46% using a non-chill filtered method, to maintain the true flavor of the product.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Initial nuances of dried fruits and prunes are followed by almond nuttiness opening into mixed dried citrus peel, dried ginger and black pepper, finishing on a note of dried tobacco leaf.
Palate: Opening with warm ginger and dried prunes carrying through from the nose. The mid palate reveals hints of leather, fresh cracked black pepper and forest fruits; ending with a pleasant tobacco leaf finish.

Still Column
Alcohol 46%
Volume 0,7l
Age 5 Years
Produced by Antigua Distillery Ltd
Product type Small Batch Rum
Chill-filtered No
EAN Code 723961004343
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