Tawny Port Cask Finish

Patridom XO Ltd. Tawny Port Finish

This Patridom XO Limited Edition is based on our core bottling Patridom XO , a premium rum made from fresh sugar cane juice and molasses. Patridom XO is fully tropically aged in American and French oak barrels in the Dominican Repulic. This limited edition received a second continental maturation in ex-Tawny Port barrels, adding a sweet note to the rum. Patridom XO Tawny Port Cask Finish has been bottled in July 2023 and limited to a total of 1961 bottles.

Country of origin Dominican Republic


Patridom is a compound word of the Spanish “patrimonio” and “dominicano”, meaning Dominican hertitage. The series consists of four standard bottlings which are fermented, distilled and matured in the Dominican Republic. The rum is produced by Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos who cultivate their own sugarcanes, making sure the rum consists of crops purely from the Dominican Republic. Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos is the largest producer of alcohol in the Dominican Republic, and thereby the company plays a significant role in the community, securing work for hundreds of locals.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Initially there will be notes of fresh cut grass, that transformes into notes of dried fruits, coffee and spices.

Palate: Sweet red berries, caramel, cherries and blackcurrant that creates a long lasting sweet finish

Still Column
Alcohol 45 %
Volume 0,7l
Age 12 & 15 Years
Produced by 1423
Product type Limited Edition Rum
Chill-filtered No
EAN Code 5712718007671
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