Edition 2023


As tradition dictates, we are releasing 237 bottles of our Pullimut infinity blend this year. Enjoy a continous blend of various rums and explore different rum styles in just one dram.

Country of origin Blend

Pullimut [puli’mud] is an infinity blend with surprising characteristics. As a rum importer and indie bottler, you end up with a lot of rum, sometimes more than you can handle. Which is why we use a 600 litre sherry butt barrel for being experimental and create our very own infinite blend. Only half of the barrel content is bottled, the rest remains in the cask and gets continuously blended with new rum, making it a never-ending story.

Still Blend
Alcohol 43,4%
Volume 1 L
Age BLend
Produced by 1423
Product type Infinity Rum
Chill-filtered No
EAN Code 5712718007848
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