Kraftstoff wie Benzin

Rammstein Navy Strength Gin

Rammstein Navy Strength Gin is an aromatic Dry Gin offering a vibrant blend of botanicals using juniper, coriander, angelica rood and lemon peel. This Navy Strength edition is for all of those wanting a little more power in their G&T. With 57% Alc./Vol. this gin is “Kraftstoff wie Benzin”.

Country of origin United Kingdom

Navy Strength Gin

The Rammstein spirit series is growing!

Rammstein Navy Strength Gin is the band’s second gin expression produced by 1423. Don’t be fooled by this “little brother” of the first gin release, it might look small but it is filled with powerfull 57% Alc./Vol. making it perfect for G&T’s with a little more bite.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Typical notes of juniper and coriander seeds followed by fragrant notes of juicy tangerines and honey.

Palate: A crisp and peppery encounter at first sight, developing into citrus aromas with a slightly bitter touch. The finish is quite long ending with pleasant notes of sweet apples.

Still column
Alcohol 57%
Volume 0,5l
Age unaged
Produced by 1423
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