Rhum hors d´âges

Agend rum blend from the French Caribbean and the prestigious house of Darboussier.

Country of origin Guadeloupe

Rhum Vieux

Here is a bottle which clearly demonstrates the know-how and craftmansship of Darboussier!
Darboussier’s famous sugar refinary was created in 1869, right on the docks of Pointe-à-Pitre, by the seaside in Guadeloupe. It was in this “Golden age of sugar” that started the centralisation of sugar factories and included some of the largest sugar plantations of the time. Darboussier hors d’âges is a blend of old rums aged in oak barrels. A flowery bouquet and a noticable sweetness characterize this old aged Darboussier rhum, whose flavour will leave you with a warm memory. Pour yourself a glass of this pure nectar, to be instantly transported under the Caribbean sun!

Nose: Delecious notes of burnt sugar and syrup mixed with a floral sweetness and herbal aromas.
Palate: Medium-bodied with subtle vegetal and herbal notes, a beautiful touch of oak with a pleasantly mild finish.

Still Column
Alcohol 45%
Volume 0.7L
Age blend
Produced by Darboussier
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