Ron Dominicana

Ron Esclavo 12

Ron Esclavo 12 years is the youngest in the Esclavo family. The style is Spanish Solera rum. It is pleasant and easy to drink because of its sweet and simple taste. The finish is powerful, and the flavor stays in on the palate for a while.

Country of origin DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Sweet and smooth

Esclavo, Spanish word for slave, named so to pay homage to the people who paid the highest price for us to enjoy this amazing liquor today. The Ron Esclavo is a tribute to the high quality rums that is being produced on the island today and an example of the change in the way of making rum.

On the palate, Ron Esclavo 12 is sweet and soft with a flavor of vanilla and caramel and with notes of plum and marzipan. It has a long and smooth finish. Leave this rum in the glass for a while, and you will experience that it becomes even more enjoyable. On the nose, it is sweet with touches of vanilla and toffee. The colour resembles dark caramel. Esclavo 12 years is pleasant to drink, and it is a “pleaser” rum for everybody. It fits perfect in a drink with some ginger ale, lime and lots of ice or alone in a glass.

Still Blend
Alcohol 40%
Volume 0.7L
Age 12 years solera rum
Produced by OLIVER & OLIVER FOR 1423
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