Ron Dominicana

Ron Esclavo XO

Ron Esclavo XO is the elegant and full-bodied big brother to Esclavo 12 and 15. It has a long, rich and delicious finish. Ron Esclavo XO is blended rum aged up to 23 years. The extra alcohol gives and extra power and ads more nuances to the palate.

Country of origin DOMINICAN REPUBLIC


Esclavo, Spanish word for slave, named so to pay homage to the people who paid the highest price for us to enjoy this amazing liquor today. The Ron Esclavo is a tribute to the high quality rums that is being produced on the island today, and an example of the change in the way of making rum.

Esclavo XO is a very elegant rum. The owner of Oliver & Oliver, Pedro Ramon Lopez Oliver, worked on this rum for quite a while. Many samples have been made before the precise taste was brought home. The taste is full-bodied and fantastic – soft and sweet with notes of caramel, vanilla, honey and cinnamon. On the nose, it is spicy and sweet with notes of vanilla, sugar, toffee and slight notes of grapes. Esclavo XO has a long and lasting creamy finish with a hint of coconut.

Still Blend
Alcohol 42%
Volume 0.7L
Age 23 years solera rum
Produced by OLIVER & OLIVER FOR 1423
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