Made from 1st grade tea

Jin Jiji Darjeeling

Jin JiJi Darjeeling is Peak Spirit’s first tea inspired variant. They chose tea as a foundational botanical because India is home to the world’s most distinctive geographically indicated (GI) tea regions. They believe gin is a spirit with the ability to express terroir. Jin Jiji Gin is copper pot distilled in Goa.

Country of origin india

Darjeeling Tea

India is the world’s botanical garden, home to the finest and most diverse botanicals.These botanicals are found as far North as the Himalayas – home to Himalayan Juniper and Chamomile, and in the south, where cashew nuts and spices thrive. Jin Jiji is produced in Southern Goa – India’s vibrant capital for craft spirits.
Darjeeling is home to the most elegant and distinctive tea in the world, and in fact, Darjeeling was India’s first GI for any product. Peak Spirit sources FTGFOP1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1) tea of the highest grade from a unique estate for each batch we distill, with the first release coming from the Jungpana Estate. They also add ginger, cardamom and clove. These ingredients are integral to the traditional preparation of Indian Masala Tea – a daily staple in India.

Tasting Notes:

Fragrant aromatics of juniper and mint with soft tones of freshly picked tea.  On the palate Jin JiJi Darjeeling has a warm assertive spice character that tastes of herbs, orris and ginger with a lingering citrus and tea brightness. A layered, complex, and delightful gin.

Still POT
Alcohol 43%
Volume 0,7l
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Produced by peak spirits
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Jin Jiji

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Jin Jiji