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Jin Jiji

The name JiJi is derived from the Hindi word Jijivisha, a word best used to describe a lust for life. Jin JiJi is an exploration across the diverse landscape of India to capture the unique flavours of this magical country. It is copper pot distilled in Goa.

Country of origin india

From the world's botanical garden

India is the world’s botanical garden, home to the finest and most diverse botanicals.These botanicals are found as far North as the Himalayas – home to Himalayan Juniper and Chamomile, and in the south, where cashew nuts and spices thrive. Jin Jiji is produced in Southern Goa – India’s vibrant capital for craft spirits.
Jin JiJi India Dry Gin is a hand-crafted Indian gin, small-batch distilled, with Darjeeling tea and wild foraged Himalayan Juniper. Jin JiJi is distilled with a thirst for life, a desire to spread happiness and positivity with the world. In Jin JiJi we hope you find happiness, calm and tranquility – a daily glass of mediation, mindful gin. Utilising botanicals sourced locally, which have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, Jin JiJi captures the heart and soul of India.

Tasting Notes:

Well balanced aroma with soft tones of juniper and sweet spices combined with citrus rind on the nose. JiJi India Dry Gin has an elegant soft yet structured mouthfeel allowing the delicate nuances of chamomile and mint to appear on the palate.

Still POT
Alcohol 43%
Volume 0,7l
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Produced by peak spirits
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Jin Jiji

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Jin Jiji