Small batch gin

Kimerud Gin

KIMERUD Gin is a highly awarded gin (double gold medal CWSC 2017). It is well balanced due to the careful blending of 22 fine botanicals, the most unique of which is Golden Root.
The cold climate in Norway adds to the quality of KIMERUD Gin as it delays the growth of the herbs, bringing a richness that is paramount to the final taste.

Country of origin Norway

handcrafted gin

Kimerud is a family owned distillery built on Kimerud Farm, which dates back to 1785. Kimerud Farm is located in Lier municipality, west of Oslo. The clean air and rich soil here gives the best conditions for growing high quality herbs and berries. Kimerud farm is the home of Gins and an Aquavit which are recipients of the most prestigious blind test awards by some of the best chefs and sommeliers in the world.
Kimerud products owe a lot to the Norwegian geography, temperature and heritage. The cold climate in Norway adds to the quality of Kimerud`s product, as it delays the growth of the herbs and berries, and therfore brings a richness that contribute greatly to the final taste.
The spirit is distilled 5 times and we add only pure mountain water after distillation. Distilled in the same way as an “London Dry Gin”.
Some of the botanicals we use includ`s Juniper, Coriander, Ginger Root, Walnut, Mint, Angelica, Orange and Lemon Peel. An aroma of the sea can be noted in the gin as we use the herb «Rhodiola Rosea» picked on the cliff of the Arctic`s Norwegian sea.

Tasting Notes:
Balanced with delicious hints of spices, subtle notes of earth & sea and fine citrus aromas. The finish is long and pleasant with taste of fresh grass and a little sweetness.

Still pot
Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,7l
Age unaged
Produced by Kimerud
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