Ron Esclavo

Finally, the new Ron Esclavo series is complete. Discover four interesting and authentic bottlings from the Dominican Republic – 100% tropically aged.

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The Spirit Magazine

The second issue of our Spirit Magazine is now ready. You can read the Danish version here. It contains a broad selection of our products, which we represent in Denmark. You can also read the English version in the menu under Export.

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The 1423 Selections
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  • Cacao and Qahwa Gin by 1528 Gin

    1528 Cacao Gin and 1528 Qahwa Gin are two delicious and innovative gin. If you are a true gin lover, you can’t miss this!

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  • Pisco by Sarcay de Azpitia

    Pisco is a more than 400 years old transparent and yellowish brandy, which is made in Peru and Chile. Pisco is a national drink, and the recipe is often passed on through families and distilleries along the Peruvian coast. Want to know more about these two delicious Pisco? Click below.

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  • S.B.S by 1423

    S.B.S stands for Single Barrel Selection. As the name indicates, there is only one barrel per product. Every barrel has been handpicked, and every release is limited to the content of the one barrel selected.

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Now you have the opportunity to get your very own cask! We invite you to join the select group of cask owners at 1423 and commit to sharing the spirit of rum with us. We have many years of experience with aging rum in casks, and you will be invited to visit your own cask at the warehouse in Odense, Denmark, once a year. How long will you hold up?

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